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Why Drones?

Transport Canada licensing and registrations identify drones as a new generation of aircraft.  Modern drone technology is a growing part of the aviation industry.  As drones become more commonplace, it has become clear they are a game-changing technology not only within the transportation network but for society at large.  Drones are modernizing the way industries work, improving people’s lives, and providing public benefits to communities.


Drone-based aerial inspections of assets have revolutionized the inspection process by making it safer, more environmentally friendly, less expensive & less time-consuming, while at the same time providing superior data. Often the inspection data obtained from a drone is simply not possible using traditional methods of inspection. Inspections are critical to ensuring the proper maintenance of a company’s assets. Preventative maintenance programs are both cheaper and easier to implement than costly asset replacement.

The single most important factor in this business is safety.  Providing customers with trustworthy and actionable data is the goal.  Predator accomplishes this goal by providing customers with high-quality, high-value, accurate, real-time data which accommodates your businesses’ unique assets and infrastructure requirements.  This inspection data will allow for effective planning of preventative maintenance schedules which ensures your company’s critical infrastructure assets are able to maintain efficient levels of operation.  Reducing costly equipment breakdowns, environmental spills and shutdowns.

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